1st monitor (QHD, 2560x1440)
2nd monitor (FullHD, 1920x1080)

My gorgeous desktop (dual-monitor Windows 7 setup).

Stuff I’m using:

  • This wallpaper on the 1st monitor;
  • And this wallpaper on the 2nd monitor;
  • Rainmeter skins: Enigma (by Kaelri), Elegance2 (by lilshizzy), SimplyNova (by NovaSev), Notebook (by Hammer-and-Nail86) and SimpleRecycleBin (by maxvanijsselmuiden);
  • Nexus Ultimate Dock (by Winstep) with a couple of custom icons;
  • And finally, AIDA64 Extreme Edition (by finalwire) with SensorPanel On (that blue window on the 2nd monitor).

Thanks for your attention :3

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